Ethical Business

Environmental Sustainability

We Encourage the following practices :

  • Water Harvesting
  • Solar Power
  • Responsible Elimination of Waste Products
  • Sewage and Waste Water Treatment
  • Recycling

Fair Trade Practices

We believe in social, economic and environmental well-being of marginalized small producers and do not maximize profit at their expense as the whole purpose of our mission is to promote Indian talent from all across India.



Against Child Labour

We have a strict No Child Labour Guideline


Women Empowerment

At, VJE, We encourage and support local workers by ensuring fair pricing and valuation for their products. There is wide focus on employment for a women workforce that would help them to learn new skills and earn a living.


Skill & Training

We believe in building our partners and workforce by providing trainings and introduction of new technology periodically. This way our associates are able to to evolve their capabilities and make use of new learnings in the industry.